Soo Mee © 2016

  Soo Mee © 2016


Soo Mee is an international trademark registered and based in France. Created in 2016 by two friends for all womens who wants to  be unique in a world of standards.

Soo Mee is a korean name which mean beautiful and graceful. Because all women, regardless of their shape, color, belief or sexual orientation are beautiful!

We chose it for its meaning, but also for the english pronunciation/meaning "so me" ... This brand represents you.

Our workshop:

Our production workshop is based in Île de France. It's in Jean's place  that we create from A to Z our collections. The manufacture is artisanal and entirely French.

The Team:

Our team consists of three people in total with Jean our dean who has 40 years experience in ready to wear. Mariam, the mathematician slash accountant who limits to the maximum the waste of our raw materials with these calculations. And Fouzia, the creative insomniac and perfectionist who thinks every detail of our collections.

Our engagements:

  • Work Ethic

We  do not use or work with companies that exploit children. We donate 10% of our profits to various associations, one of which is fighting against child labor.

  • Transparency

We are committed to being transparent with our customers in the choice of materials and our working methods. To do so, you can follow us on snapchat and instagram where we post videos/photos of the workshop

The quality of materials, finishes and respect for life is fundamental. It is for these reasons that we only work with companies that respect an ethical charter in the production of their materials.

We seek to reduce the environmental impact of our products by consuming less water and energy. Our long-term goal is to produce more eco-responsible products.